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Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga, Balanga City, Bataan




City of Balanga

City of Balanga

Travel Time from Manila: 3 hours

Distance: 120 km


It is the capital city of the province of Bataan, primarily a residential-agricultural City with a rapidly growing commercial sector. This city has a plenty of historical sites that every Filipino and tourist should visit.




Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga


The plaza will remind you of Spain and it comes to life at night. The City is full of colorful lights and has a multi-colored water fountains that makes the city more beautiful at night.










Balanga Cathedral


Formerly known as St. Joseph Cathedral, the belfry was used as a site for Japanese artillery emplacement to attack Mt. Samat, where the Filipino-American troops made their last stand.


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Bataan World War II Museum

 It is located inside the Balanga Elementary School in Talisay, Balanga, City. It was built for the heroes of Bataan, just a small museum run by the veterans of World War II.


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Balanga Wetland and Nature Park


The Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park, which is approximately 11 hectares, serves as an outdoor recreational area for picnics and bird-watching. The Department of Tourism has recognized Balanga City as one of the newest bird-watching sites in the Philippines. There are 80 species of birds – most of which are migratory – found in the city from August to March. Balanga has been a yearly stopover of these migratory birds, thousands of which come from Canada, China and other countries. In 2013, more than 25,000 birds were counted. Every December, the city of Balanga celebrates the "Ibong Dayo Festival" to recognize the different species migrating to Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park

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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Dried Fish (Tuyo), Gourmet Products, Bagoong, Smoked Fish (Tinapa)





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 28 minutes

Distance: 15 km


One of the oldest town in Bataan. This place was named in the honor of the image of the Our Lady of the Pillar, hence the town was called “Pilar”.




Mount Samat National Shrine


It is a historical shrine located near the summit of Mt. Samat in the Brgy. Diwa, Pilar. This shrine was built to remember and honor the bravery and gallantry of Filipino and American soldiers who fought during World War II. Also, there is a museum out there, which holds many of the artifacts and remnants including guns, personal belonging and more that is owned by Japanese, Filipino and American soldiers


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flaming sword


Flaming Sword


For the further proof of the gallantry of the soldiers, Espada or the Flaming Sword is displayed near the Municipality Hall of Pilar, which is a sculpture of a hand holding up a sword. It was built in honor and commemoration of the Filipino patriots’ bravery to fight for our country’s freedom and democracy.

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dunsulan falls


Dunsulan Falls


If you are a nature lover, come and visit the Dunsulan Falls which is located near Mt. Samat. This is a good place where you and your families can enjoy nature together. It can catch your attention because of the rock formations surrounding the waterfalls which adds to its beauty.

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mt samat zipline


Mount Samat Zipline


Pilar is also known for the longest Zipline in Luzon. The Mt. Samat Zipline located in the town’s highest peak, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions entirely of Bataan.

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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Adobong Paros, Tinapa






Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 18 minutes

Distance: 12.4 km


Udyong was the first name adapted by this town. It came from the word “lu-ad” and “uryong” which meant muddy, because of the fact that the place was muddy and swampy during those times.



hardin ni Balagtas


Hardin ni Balagtas


You can also see the Hardin ni Balagtas located at the seaside of Wawa, Orion. Francisco Balagtas, the Filipino literary giant and author of the immortal Florante at Laura was given a burial on April 2, 2018. Balagtas was acknowledged as the poet-hero that planted the seeds of the Philippine Revolution of 1896. Francisco Balagtas did not really come from Orion (he was born in Bulacan and raised in Manila), it was here in Orion where he was moved after he was released in prison and met his wife, Juana Tiambeng.

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san miguel


San Miguel Archangel Parish Church


You can visit the San Miguel Arcangel Parish Church, commonly referred to as Orion church. It is a 19th century baroque church located at the Barangay San Vicente, Orion. This town also celebrates the feast of Saint Michael every 8th day of May, the feast now called Bakawan Festival when tourists or balikbayans usually join on the activities of the feast.

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 Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Dried Fish (Tuyo), Gourmet Products, Bagoong, Smoked Fish (Tinapa)





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 38 minutes

Distance: 21.3 km


During World War II, Limay became the host to the first medical hospital of American and Filipino forces run by the “Angels of Bataan”




DND Arsenal


A government arsenal covers 263 hectares of military reservation. The headquarters is located at Camp General Antonio Luna.

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orion church


Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Church


It is known as “Parokya ni San Francisco ng Assisi”, one of the historical church that is located in Brgy. Poblacion, Limay and celebrates its feast day on the 4th day of October. It is under the Vicariate of St. Michael Archangel and belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Balanga.

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 Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Mangoes, Bananas, Root Crops, Fish and other Aquatic Products





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 1 hour and 27 minutes

Distance: 53.5 km


This town is located in the Southern tip of Bataan. It is surrounded by stunning landscapes and filled with a dose of history. This is a kind of place where people would like to go to escape the city life for a day.


5 fingers


Five Fingers Cove


Experience the most famous tourist destination made by nature at Mariveles Bataan, the Five Fingers. A lot of people dubbed it as Batanes of the west because mof its beauty and breathetaking view which you can enjoy and create unforgettable memories with your love ones. You may enjoy swimming, snorkelling/trekking, cliff diving and cove to cove hopping. Be amazed to the glamorous rock formations and capture the beauty of mother nature and the beauty of Bataan.


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Sisiman Bay


 It is a good location, especially for prenuptial wedding photo shoot. Enjoy the pebble beach that is very instagrammable. You can also see the lighthouse that adds more charm to the place. 


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Tarak Ridge


If you love trekking and climbing mountains, this place in Mt. Mariveles is a place you must go. It will give you an amazing and breath taking view of Bataan. The trek to the ridge is kind of exhausting but once you reach the top you will feel relaxed while looking at the view of it.


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Balon Anito


This is a place in this town where you can enjoy the therapeutic and health benefits of the fancy hot spring of the city gives.


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Bags and Shoes





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 58 minutes

Distance: 30 km


This town is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Bataan. It is the largest municipality in Bataan in terms of land area. It is located in the Southwestern part of Bataan facing the South China Sea.


friendship tower


Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower


This monument symbolizing the renewed friendship between Japan and Philippines which is located at the junction of the Gov. Linao National Road and the road to the Bagac town proper. It is very significant in the Philippine history because it reminds us the friendship between Japan and the Philippines after World War II.


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las casas


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


It is known as a heritage park built by Jose “Gerry” Acuzar, the owner of New San Jose Builders and history art collector. Inside this park, is a collection of Spanish colonial buildings and stone houses planned to resemble settlement reminiscent of the period. 


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0km death march marker


Zero Kilometer Death March Marker


It is a starting point of the Death March in 1942. It is an honor to have this marker to remind us about the bravery of our Filipino soldiers.


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Cashew Nuts and Cashew Nut Spread






Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 1 hour and 24 minutes

Distance: 68.9 km


It was formerly known as “Moron”, which refers to a hill that can be seen from the sea. 




Pawikan Conservation Center


Located at Nagbalayong, Morong, the center was set up by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to help save and protect the pawikan by educating the community and allowing the volunteers to help by releasing baby turtles to the sea. During Pawikan Festival that is usually held at 25th day of November, they release hundreds of baby turtles racing into the sea. You can stay there overnight so you can participate in watching the hatchlings break from their eggs.


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Playa La Caleta Beach Resort


Another famous beach cove at Bataan, The Playa La Caleta located at municipality of Morong. It has a 1-kilometer white sand beach at the front, lush mountain jungle/forest in the middle and 3 waterfalls at the back.


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Loleng's Hu Tieu-an


An eatery that is located at Mayor’s Street Binaritan, Morong, try the Hu Tieu  a Vietnamese noodle soup that has a golden brown pork broth usually topped with slices of meat, garlic, beans sprouts and other leafy vegetable.


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Bataan Nuclear Power Plant


It is a nuclear power plant, completed but never fueled, on Bataan Peninsula, 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of Manila in the Philippines. It is located on a 3.57 square kilometre government reservation at Napot Point in Morong, Bataan. It was the Philippines' only attempt at building a nuclear power plant. It was mothballed due to safety concerns in the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the former Soviet Ukraine and issues regarding corruption.


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Buko Pie





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 1 hour and 7 minutes

Distance: 61.8 km


The name "Dinalupihan" also means "empty lands", coming from the Spanish terms din, a, and lupia. Din signifies “cash, money” while a stands for “into”. Lupia means “small change”. When put together, Din-a-lupia translates to “Empty Lands”. From these three Spanish words, early settlers learned to call the place, Dinalupihan, its localized version in Tagalog.




First Line of Defense Marker


You can see in this place the “First Line of Defense Marker”; it marks the first strong line of defense of combined Philippines USAFFE Troops against Japanese invasion during World War II. It is a symbolic of the tragedy that befell Bataan and the gallantry of Filipino and American heroes who restored our country and people to a government of free peoples


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roosevelt park


Dinalupihan Nature Park


This is the former Roosevelt National Park, it is situated in Barangay Roosevelt, Dinalupihan. The area was transformed into an impressive inland resort, recreational facility and a bird and wild life sanctuary. It was used as a command post for the American troops during the liberation and was designated as a hallowed ground after the war.  Now it offers a rest pavilion, clubhouse, cottages, tree houses, two VIP swimming pools, picnic sheds, conference rooms and a river lagoon.  


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Bamboo Crafts (Sawali), Sapin-sapin, Nilupak





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 49 minutes

Distance: 32.6 km


Hermosa" means "beautiful" in Spanish. The town was established in 1756 by Dominican priests. At that time, it was known as Llana Hermosa and composed of Mabuco and Mabuyan. It became an independent missionary center in 1756 with Saint Peter de Verona as its patron saint.

The town was very peaceful and progressive before World War II. When the war broke out, their quiet routine was disturbed. During the Bataan Death March, civilians of Hermosa risked the ire of the Japanese by secretly passing food to Filipino and American soldiers.


st peter


Saint Peter of Verona Parish Church


You can go to the Saint Peter of Verona Parish Church that is located at the National Road, Hermosa. The church features a baroque-style façade with stained-glasses windows on the center depicting the image of the patron saint. There’s also an image of Saint Joseph and Mary on the sides while the belfry can be found on the top most portion of the façade. The materials used for exterior and interior finish were said to be old adobe walls. It also brings a remembrance of the colonial past.


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Ecozone Industrial Park


You can also visit the “Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park”, a 162-hectare industrial estate component of a 478-hectare mixed- use property development in Bataan, that is located at Palihan, Hermosa. It offers industrial lots for basic services such as export and Manufacturing Corporation as the place to start and expand their business horizons.


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Handpainted Jars, Balut and Salted Egg





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 25 minutes

Distance: 17.6 km


The majority of the land areas of this town are forestlands agriculture and forest reservation. As an agricultural town, people here are used to plant rice, coffee, vegetable, peanut and other crops.

You can catch seafoods here like milkfish, tilapia, prawns, crabs, mussel, and oyster in Orani’s fishing grounds and fishponds. This town is considered as a place for Farm and Ecotourism.




Tala View Deck


If you are adventurous and energetic enough, you can hike your way up to the Bataan National Park at the Tala View Deck. See the luscious green of trees and mountain. In this place, you will feel refreshed because of the cool breeze coming from the view deck.


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orani church


Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church


You can also stop by to one of the oldest church in Bataan “Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church” this pilgrim site is a 330 year old church that was built in 1792


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Leche Flan, Biko, Ube Halaya, Taro Ice Cream, Taro Chips, Banana Chips, Polvoron and Ground Coffee





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 26 minutes

Distance: 14.6 km


It is situated in the North- Eastern portion of Bataan. It is composed largely of uplands and hills with some lowlands and plains. Samal is known mainly in producing palay, corn, vegetable, fruit root crops, coffee, including livestock poultry and aquatic resources such as shellfish, oyster, crabs, prawns, shrimps, and different species of fish.

Samal is also known for some attractions, events, and historical landmark like Senakulo sa Calaguiman during Holy week or Lenten holidays.


sienna samal


Saint Catherine of Siena Parish Church


It was entrusted to the hands of the Dominican friars in the late 16th century. The spiritual ministration of the town was entrusted to the Dominicans in 1596.

You can also check their beautiful Capiz shell products. This municipality learned to make good use of capiz shell because they made it as pretty good decorative items. You can go to their Municipal Hall to see the beautiful, shiny Capiz shells columns and ceilings. Along the streets, you can also see the Capiz shell lamps and hanging lights. It is to proudly show the craftsmanship of the town.


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pilis falls


Pilis Falls


It is located at Sitio Tangilad Brgy. Palili, this is one of the famous natural wonders of the province. Their water cascade is 120 feet down a steep-sloped cliff into a plunge pool.


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Banana Chips and Araro Cookies





Travel Time from The Plaza Hotel Balanga: 19 minutes

Distance: 9 km


The mainly agricultural and fishing town is situated on the North Eastern portion of the province of Bataan. It’s time for you to discover the splendid town of Abucay. It has its own shares of historical sites that has its role played in the country’s history.


abucay church


Santo Domingo Parish Church


It is a 17th century Baroque church located at Brgy. Laon, Abucay. The parish church founded by the Dominican Missionary Friars in 1588 is dedicated to Saint Dominic of Guzman. The present church was damaged by the earthquake of September 16, 1852 but it is still exists and, this church is also one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.


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tomas pinpin



Tomas Pinpin Monument


It was built in the loving memory of the First Filipino painter, Tomas Pinpin. He was a co-author and had printed the earliest books with Fr. Blancas de San Jose in 1610 inside Abucay, Bataan church.


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Sibul Spring


It is a potential prime tourist destination in the province, it has a boosting sulphuric swimming pools and a wide area for an outdoor recreation. It is also consider as a main attraction because of the natural spring that some people believed to give relief to muscle pains.


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Pasalubong and Delicacies:   Walis Tambo and Dried Fish